Telling houses means telling the light that passes through them, the greenery that surrounds them, the time that separates them, the silence that protects them, the life that animates them, the people who designed and lived them, and trying to imagine the people who will live there.

At Hometelling we discover the houses that excite us, and tell you about them. For a moment – just for a moment – we forget about price, square meters, condominium rules, land registry details, and energy coefficient, to leave room for the most intimate meaning of living, the connection between man and its private space, and between the house and its surroundings.

This is the value of a home, its ability to protect us, excite us, welcome us, connect us with the outside world. 

In Italy this is felt more than elsewhere, with its ancient houses, historic cities, villages and rural villas, where living is steeped in tradition, history, culture, sustainability.

This is why we talk about houses … and we want to talk about them to the world.


Home Telling is a web based magazine telling about Italian fascinating Medieval towns, picturesque sea villages, enchanting valleys, historical districts, innovative residential areas scattered around the peninsula. We explore their distinctive traits, traditions, gastronomic and artisanal specialties, and show a listing of charming houses located in typical settings, to inspire people who wish to move to Italy, or to rent a holiday home in a special place, far from the usual touristic routes.

Home Telling offers customized relocation services thanks to a network of experienced professionals who take care about your specific requirements, and support you from the search of the ideal home in your favorite place to the process of settling-in, providing technical, language and legal assistance. 


Relocation Consulting 

It concerns our professional advice about the relocation procedure, steps, and timelines, together with an insightful overview of your destination, and essential information about home-finding, taxes, healthcare, schools, and local registrations.

It includes our HT Card, granting you a 10% discount on all our services.

Home Finding

We will provide you support from the listings of available properties that match your needs to the visit of the selected houses, from checking of documentation to the drafting of purchase agreement, and the choice of the notary for the signature of the deed. 

We will furthermore assist you to set up your electricity, water, gas, phone, and internet services.

Home restructuring and interior design

On the basis of your individual needs and specifications, we will submit you the best project options, and assist you for the choice of affordable restructuring company and of experienced interior design professionals, with special focus on environmentally sustainable architecture and green materials.

Property Management

We will take care of managing your property during your absence from Italy, including maintenance and temporary rental, whether required.  

Settling-in Service

We are aware of the disorientation experienced when moving to a new country, and are therefore ready to give you support and welcoming your requests, to let you feel home from the very first moment.

• Translation and interpreting service

• Practical guidance on visa, registration with local authorities, procedures to get IDs, social security, and tax numbers

• International moving

• Customized consultancy (search of personal shopper, baby sitters, cleaning staff, gardeners)