Telling houses …
it means telling the light that passes through them, the greenery that surrounds them, the time that separates them, the silence that protects them, the life that animates them, the people who designed and lived them and trying to imagine the people who will live there.
We at “Hometelling” choose the houses that excite us and tell you about them.
For a moment, but only for a moment, we forget about price, square meters, condominium expenses, amnesties, particles, energy coefficient and we leave room for the most intimate meaning of living, the connection of man with the its private space and of the house with its surroundings.
This is the value of a home, its ability to protect us, excite us, welcome us, connect us with the outside world. In Italy this is more felt than ever, with its ancient houses, historic cities, villages and rural villas where living is steeped in tradition, history, culture, sustainability.

This is why we talk about houses … and we want to talk about them to the world.

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